Updates from the ELC



Updates from the ELC

Dear Church and School Family,

I want to share this letter with our school family as well as our church family here at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

I am sitting at church right now and it is quiet.  Too quiet for a school day.  My eyes are filled with tears at the overwhelming responses from people who are working together—responses from church family, school family and staff.  Church leadership and members have responded with “what can we do to help and support the school?”  Teachers and staff are willing to cut their hours and be flexible to keep us moving ahead.  Families are willing to continue financial support while they can.  For some school families the financial crisis has already set in, yet that doesn’t mean our support to them stops.  We are all in this together.  This is what the true sense of family is all about—finding ways to support one another even though in our “family” we might not know everyone’s name.

Our first response is to pray.  If you don’t believe in prayer, try it and watch what happens.  Believe that God has control of all things.  Read Mathew 14:22-33.  Perhaps this story is my favorite because it involves a boat and makes me think of fishing.  😊 Have you ever been out in a boat when there is a storm?  Matthew 14 tells us that Peter and the disciples were a considerable way from dry land and that the waves were violently hitting the side of the boat.  The storm happened all during the night because it wasn’t until right before dawn that they saw Jesus walking on water! Peter, the adventurous type, wanted to do the same.  At first he kept his eyes on Jesus, and he started towards Him, walking on the rough water, during the storm, with big crashing waves.  He was fine, until he wasn’t.  When he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the craziness around him, he started to sink.  Whenever we start to feel like we are sinking, look to Jesus.  Filter the news through the lens of the cross.  Open your Bible and listen to the voice of Jesus. Have family devotions together.  Pray.  Be Jesus to one another.  Look for ways to serve.

Our teachers in our ELC and childcare have all cut back on hours.  Jen Stewart, our childcare director is adjusting schedules to accommodate needs and class sizes.  Classes between ELC and childcare might be combined at times to best serve the needs of the students and to pool resources when necessary.  Jen has cut back her hours.  My hours are decreased 50%.  We are doing everything we can to be financially responsible to our families and our church family during this time, while still trying to take care of our staff too.  Over and over again I hear “how can I help?”.

So how can you help?  Did I say it already? Be in God’s Word.  It is hard to fill someone’s tank if yours is empty.  Depending on your financial ability, support the ministries that you can.  Find creative ways to serve one another.  Find ways to make connections, this is true for kids as well.  Now is a great time to Facetime, create videos, call people, and even write letters.  Challenge each other to do an art project.  In this time when some are hoarding, give.  Teach a cooking class on “how to bake cookies” and we will share it on our website.  Do you know how to paint? Make a video and share with us.  Create an art project for our kids at school and put them in individual plastic bags.  The list goes on and on.

We stand together as we love and support one another because God has loved us first.  Our God is a BIG GOD!  Together with Him, we can handle this!

Fish on,
Cheri Reinke
ELC Interim Director


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