Here is how registration works!  We are also open for tours!  Some of our classes are already full,  so email or call if you have any questions.  

1.   Please see the School tab above for tuition pricing.  Childcare pricing will need to be discussed with our Childcare Director, Ms. Jen because it is based on the number of day/hours you plan to attend each week.  Jen's email is  

2.  All students, school and childcare will register through this link:  CLICK HERE
3.  After filling out the registration paperwork online you will send a link to your email within three business days to pay for non-refundable registration fees. (You may also pay via cash or check by stopping by the church office)
The fees are per student and are as follows:

School Non-refundable Registration/Material Fee - $100/per child

Childcare Non-refundable Registration/Material Fee - $50/per child

(So if registering for BOTH school and childcare the fee would be $150)

Your spot will be held for two days after the link has been sent or it will be released to the next student in line.  

4.  If you are planning on having your child attend childcare, you will also need to download the following document and fill it out and return it to the school office.  You may also pick up this packet from the church office or childcare if you prefer not to download it.  See below.

5.  Immunizations will need to be turned in before the first day of school.  Please download the following form regarding Medically Verified Immunization Records. 

If claiming a medical exemption, please see this document:

For Childcare only - download, fill out the packet below, and turn it in to Ms. Jen.  

          We look forward to having you a part of our ELC family!